One Wish

I want a small garden on an urban rooftop

Where the sun shines down on my cherry tomatoes

That will ripen and be made into a delicious sauce.


I want a cat on my bed absorbing the heat of the sun

And a dog in the kitchen waiting for a walk

In the park down the avenue from my flat.


I want to walk on the mountains and along the shores

Of every range and body of water in the world.

And I want to taste the flavors of every country

And recreate them at home for all who are hungry.


I want to lie in bed with someone I love

And think of nothing else but him and the warmth

Of the freshly washed cotton sheets.


I want sea salt to linger in my hair and cling

To it like a French perfume enveloping the air.

And I want everyone to notice how beautiful

My blonde locks shine in the summer sun.


I want to travel the world and I want to do it again.

And if I’m still not satisfied, I will keep on flying.

I want to wander until my feet can go no longer.

And when they do, I will still not rest.


I want to sing like everyone is listening

And dance like no one is watching.

I want to cry like the world is ending

And rejoice like I am never dying.


I want to befriend my worst enemy

And rekindle my lost relationships.

I want to write off being angry

And never worry about being alone.


If I ever have a child, I want her to think

She was born in exactly the right place,

At exactly the right time.


I want to exercise and work and exhaust

Every muscle and joint in my body because

Pain and aches are a sign of life and

Living is what I am supposed to do.


I want to cook and write and read and

Teach and be taught and learn and

Develop a new skill for every year I

Continue to live on this Earth.


I want to better myself and those around me

And I want to wake up each day thinking that

I have done something worth doing.


I want to be powerful and admirable,

Influential and innovative,

Creative and hard working,

Beautiful and captivating.

But most of all,


I want to be happy.


Madison Bucket List

I have not posted on this blog for over six months, and I am not pleased with myself for that. So much has happened in my life since last July, and the biggest news is that I have a job lined up after graduation…in North Dakota. Yes, it’s true. This city girl is moving to North Dakota, and as a result, I am starting to feel nostalgic and panicked about my last four months here in Madison. I have a “bucket list,” if you will, of things I want to do/try in Madison before I leave. I hope to use this blog as motivation to actually complete this list of items. Without further adieu, here is my Madison Bucket List (in no particular order):

  • Drink a Guinness and dance to Irish Music at Brocach Irish Pub
  • Sing at the Karaoke Kid
  • Take my picture in the Olbrich botanical gardens
  • Sail on Lake Mendota
  • Sit on Abe’s lap on Bascom Hill
  • Try at least 10 new restaurants downtown
  • Walk through the UW Arboretum
  • Climb to the top floor of the Capital
  • Try ever single beer from Capital Brewery
  • Drink a “Das Boot”
  • Buy fancy cheese from Fromagination
  • Shop at Willy Street Co-op
  • Try a pasty from Teddy Wedgers
  • Waffles at Indie Coffee
  • Explore the Chazen Art Museum
  • Hike Devil’s Lake
  • Visit the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Go to the Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Ride the carousel at Ella’s Deli

I have no doubt that this list will expand as I think of more things. If anyone would like to accompany me to any of these places, I invite you all. I am also open to suggestions of things I should do. Let’s get this started.

Cranberry Peanut Butter Cookies


Vegan baking is a hit or miss, but when you’re craving a quick dessert and you don’t feel like cracking eggs or pouring milk, try these delicious cranberry peanut butter cookies. This recipe makes four small cookies, the perfect dessert for one or two people. Be sure to eat them while they’re still warm!

Vegan Cranberry Peanut Butter Cookies

Mix a quarter to a half cup of quick oats with a half cup of peanut butter. Add a handful of cranberries. Mix the dough together, and form balls that are a half inch in diameter. Flatten the balls and place them on an ungreased cookie sheet Bake them in the oven for 7 minutes at 300• F. Let cool for 15 minutes before enjoying.